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Children’s Town is a project run by ADPP Mozambique. It provides orphans and disadvantaged children of single-parent families with a safe living and learning environment. Amade lived in Children’s Town for four years and finished primary school there. “For me it was like the light on the end of the tunnel, having that opportunity to continue my education,” he said. After completing primary school, Amade continued his education at the ADPP vocational school in Maputo, studying building construction. “I wanted to become a construction engineer and the opportunity was good for me. I loved all that I learned and became inspired to learn more.” We have a long-term customer base in these countries, who know that they will receive good quality items. Shoes are paired and packed into 30kg bags and all high-heeled women’s shoes and boots are packed separately. Some of the collected clothes are sorted and approximately 20% are donated to Development Aid from people to People UK -DAPP UK- charity shops in Northampton and Warrington with each shop receiving between 700 to 1,500 items per week. The remainder, mainly winter clothes and unpaired shoes, are sold in Pakistan and Eastern Europe. After completing the vocational program, Amade decided to continue his schooling. He enrolled at ADPP’s teacher-training college in Maputo, and finished the program in the requisite 2.5 years. However, he could not find employment as a teacher due to the economic conditions at the time. Recognizing the talent of this bright young man, ADPP offered Amade the job of publicity officer. Amade was thankful for the opportunity. He is now able to help support his mother and step-brothers and sister, which live with him in a small house in Maputo. The job also gave Amade the chance to develop a passion for photography and videography. Humana UFF
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