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“Triple-Win”Business Model Despite some of these issues, collecting clothing for charitable purposes is and always should be a win-win-win situation – for the giver, the charity, and the receiver. The donor gives something he no longer needs, the charity finds a need, and the recipient has a need filled. It’s a pretty effective business model when youstop and think about it. Whether therecipient gets an actual piece of clothing or receives assistance through an international aid program funded by recycling dollars, the benefit reaches the intended target. Moreover, the impoverished have other basic needs that need attention – access to food, water, housing, education,and ways to improve health and raise their living standard. Sales of used clothing generate the funds necessary to establish and maintain such programs. Environmental Benefits So let’s continue to clean out our closets, tote our groceries home in reusable bags, and sort our garbage in the right bins. We all need to take care of our planet and we need to take care of each other. Let’s give our used garments to clothe others or convert them to cash to fund programs for the less fortunate. And help protect our planet at the same time. It’s only a win-win-win if you participate and we let charities do what they do best. Microfinance in India: Microfinance is a powerful tool that enables the poor to pull themselves out of poverty. Microfinance typically covers microcredit, insurance, money transfers and other financial services targeted at poor and low-income clients. Most commonly, it involves providing small loans to those who do not have access to other formal financial institutions. Usually the micro entrepreneurs use the loans to establish or expand small businesses to generate income for the family. They could be street vendors, artisans, seamstresses, small shop and cottage industry owners. Humana DAPP
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