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World AIDS Day Yet AIDS remains a formidable concern in the U.S. and abroad for several reasons. Lack of education, continued stigmatization and discrimination, and budgetary constraints, each have contributed to the ongoing spread of the disease. Others contend that declining interest by the general public and news media have also played a major role. Americans tend to view the issue as an “African” or “overseas” problem rather than a domestic issue. But the disease has had serious consequences in the U.S. Of all industrialized countries, the U.S. has the largest number of people living with HIV – one million. Of those, 200,000 are unaware of their infection, meaning the risk of transmission remains high. Despite the availability of “rapid tests” which often provide results in 24 hours or less, a full third of those going to public testing sites, do not return to obtain their results. Since the onset of the epidemic, more than a 600,000 people have died of AIDS in the U.S. – equivalent to the entire population of Las Vegas. In 2009 alone, 17,000 people died of the disease. Around the world, AIDS has been even more devastating – claiming the lives of more than 30 million men, women,and children. Nearly two-thirds of the world’s AIDS patients live in sub-Saharan Africa, where many live in poverty and with limited access to healthcare. Two decades after scientists first thought an AIDS vaccine was in reach, the anti-dote remains elusive and the epidemic continues. Clothes collection The most important way of raising our own funds is through the trade in second hand clothes. Over 1,200 collection banks are placed throughout the UK to collect used clothes and shoes. The most recent addition to our collection efforts are mini community banks, smaller containers that require less space and thus can be placed on alternative locations other than the traditional areas close to supermarkets. Humana People to People
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