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Humana Movement Second-hand Clothing

In connection with a conference at Humana People to People’s Headquarters in Zimbabwe, Birgit Soe had the chance to visit the Frontline Institute and DAPP Zimbabwe’s Hope Project in Bindura. The Frontline Institute is the Management training centre for Humana People to People which offers the students basic and advanced management courses. The simple act of donating Last year alone, Planet Aid provided $12 million in funding or in-kind gifts (from the sale of used clothes and grant support) to international aid programs in 15 countries. Since Planet Aid started in 1997, it has contributed over $70 million to projects on three continents. This happened because people like you decided to donate your used clothing rather than throw it away. One simple act results in multiple benefits for many all over the world. Be an active recycler and frequent clothes donor. Be a champion of the “win-win-win” global recycling model. It’s a Big Job and We All Have to Do It When Planet Aid and other charities sell the donated clothes they collect, they receive only a few hundred dollars per ton. In short, it takes a lot of used clothing to raise just a little money. However, there is no shortage of used garments in the U.S. Several billion pounds of unwanted textiles are produced annually, but only 15 percent of this vast quantity is recycled. Much more effort is needed to save more textiles from unnecessary disposal. Clearly, we must work harder to make it easier to recycle. Humana HPP
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