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Protection of forests Protection of forests is a huge challenge in Zimbabwe’s rural areas where the survival of the basically agro-based livelihood is highly linked to the environment with trees being central to the rural life. Firewood for cooking, timber for house construction, clearance of new fields on arable land and the curing of tobacco form the major threats associated with tree conservation in Shamva District. Used clothes – the engine behind humanitarian aid For non-profit organizations, the collection and sales of clothes is equally beneficial. Recycling provides needed cash to fund humanitarian projects. Planet Aid is among the nation’s largest charitable clothing recyclers. In 2010, Planet Aid alone collected nearly 100 million pounds of unwanted clothing – the equivalent weight of 254 Boeing jumbo jets. Since 1997, this and other funding has allowed Planet Aid to provide $70 million in direct or in-kind support to programs addressing health, education, job training, disease-prevention, farming, and child aid on three continents. Activating a powerful synergy And to think it all starts with a simple donation of a kid’s shirt or a pair of too tight designer jeans. It is this small act repeated by many across the nation that sets in motion a synergistic ripple effect, creating multiple benefits for people and the planet. Planet Aid UK Planet Aid UK donated £10,000 pounds to the action, which covered the establishment of the tree nursery, procurement of the plastic sachets, seedlings, logistics and other costs associated with the tree planting. Humana People to People extends its gratitude to the people of the United Kingdom for their contributions to a better environment, in England where second hand clothes are donated and in Zimbabwe where the 25,000 trees were planted. Humana ADPP
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