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The Future of Food and Farming' Challenge and Choice for Global Sustainability At the beginning of 2011 the UK Government Office for Science published a report called 'The Future of Food and Farming' Challenge and Choice for Global Sustainability. It simply says that. 'We have to act- Without change the global food system will continue to degrade the environment and compromise the world’s capacity to produce food in the future. One of the findings of this report is that one billion people go hungry, one billion people suffer from hidden hunger through lack of vitamins and minerals and one billion people eat too much, spawning a new public health epidemic involving chronic conditions such as type 2 diabetes and heart problems. Staving Off Hunger in Zimbabwe with HIV/AIDS An estimated 35 percent of all children in Zimbabwe suffer from stunted growth, 2 percent are malnourished, and 16 percent are underweight. Zimbabwe ranks among the top ten highest HIV prevalence countries in the world. HIV has left nearly one million children orphaned, which represents 25 percent of all children in the country. The HIV/AIDS death toll is exacerbated when families cannot afford food, medicine, treatment or transport to medical facilities. By providing the most vulnerable members of the population with a high-protein soup mix, Planet Aid seeks to improve their ability to cope with the effects of food insecurity. People living with AIDS will benefit from a nutritious, diversified diet, helping to boost their immune systems. Beneficiaries are expected to gain weight and children are expected to have improved cognitive abilities. Development That Puts Children First Child Aid seeks to create safe and supportive living conditions for children and their families across all sectors of a community. It embraces a “people centered” approach that empowers participants to become agents of change. The formation of Village Action Groups (VAGs) comprise a core part of the program and are a key mobilizing force. Each VAG is comprised of 35-40 families. Humana People to People
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