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Humana ADPP Movement

Happiness is a Bundle of Used Clothes The hot weather has arrived on the east coast, with temps in... weiterlesen
2.5.12 10:31


Humana HPPI Movement

Dec. 1 -World AIDS Day – How TCE and Planet Aid Make a Difference, Every Day Dec. 1 is World AIDS ... weiterlesen
3.5.12 11:02

Humana UFF Movement

Planet Aid is Born In 1997 a small group of individuals came together in the Boston area with the ... weiterlesen
4.5.12 09:39

Humana Second-hand Movement

building up the health sector in a variety of ways ADPP contributes to building up the health sect... weiterlesen
7.5.12 10:11

Humana Planet Aid Movement

The Long Term Approach to International Aid Development “Tired of Starving Children Photos?” That ... weiterlesen
8.5.12 09:24

Humana Movement DAPP

The Future of Food and Farming' Challenge and Choice for Global Sustainability At the beginning of... weiterlesen
11.5.12 09:21

Humana Movement HPPI

Development That Puts Children First - Child Aid At the same time in these and other countries, Chi... weiterlesen
14.5.12 10:16

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