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building up the health sector in a variety of ways ADPP contributes to building up the health sector in a variety of ways. The first HOPE project, part of the fight against HIV, was started in Angola in 1997 in Benguela, followed by HOPE Cabinda in the year 2000. Both projects offer information and practical support to those infected or affected by HIV. Community Health Agent project 2010 In 2010, the Community Health Agent project started in Kunene where ADPP is working together with a variety of partners, including the provincial government, as part of an integrated strategy to revitalize health services in the province. ADPP is responsible for community mobilization and awareness regarding basic health, as well as forging links between the community, health service providers and the authorities. schools-based community health projects In addition, ADPP has a number of schools-based community health projects ongoing in 2010. In all municipalities in Zaire province, school teachers and children are organised to promote malaria prevention. In Benguela, a similar project aims at promoting community control of malaria and HIV. A third community health project involved nutrition education in 10 provinces. HOPE projects in Cabinda and Benguela The HOPE projects in Cabinda and Benguela have traditionally helped those infected or affected by HIV. In 2010, HOPE Benguela also began working to combat malaria, which is an enormous health risk in the province and the country. Both HOPE projects operate HOPE Centres, which functions as drop-in resource centre for the community. They also reach the population through campaigns in markets and other public places, through schools and work place programs, via training sessions for police and miliary, via the distribution of condoms, informative pamphlets and much more. Humana Movement
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