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Humana UFF Movement

Planet Aid is Born In 1997 a small group of individuals came together in the Boston area with the idea of doing something good for the planet and the poor. To support their efforts, they started a nonprofit to save used clothing from disposal. They then sold the clothing they collected to raise needed funds. Despite only having a few bins and a rented storage unit, success came quickly. Soon their intake of used clothes began to overflow the rented space. With more and more donated clothes coming in every day, the group moved to a small warehouse. Though growing fast, the aim remained the same: expand global environmental sustainability and mobilize resources to end poverty. It was thus fitting that the new charity was christened “Planet Aid.” Fighting the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Mozambique Planet Aid is a long time supporter of the fight against HIV/AIDS in Africa and elsewhere, we support ADPP Mozambique as a partner in the fight against this deadly disease and their effort to prevent the spread through information and education. ADPP Mozambique has partnered with Johnson and Johnson to utilize community-based approaches to address issues related to the global HIV/AIDS Epidemic, focusing on the implementing of the TCE – (Total Control of the Epidemic) program in the 3 neighborhoods of the Municipal Administrative Posts of Influence and Machava, in the Municipal district of Matola. Activities are carried out by 50 Field Officers who work with the support of more than 500 active Passionate (volunteers), who participate voluntarily in the activities, coming together to take control of the HIV epidemic. Planet Aid Delivers Personal “Thank You” Over the Holidays In the Spirit of Gratitude,Between Christmas and New Year’s Eve Planet Aid employees hit the streets to individually thank 2,800 business owners and community representatives for hosting Planet Aid donation bins at their respective locations. In the process, Planet Aid staffers logged thousands of miles to visit inner city, suburban, and rural Planet Aid bin sites in 22 states. Of Planet Aid’s 13,000 site hosts, many include small businesses, major department and grocery stores, fuel stations, mini-marts, shopping centers, as well as churches, schools, and local civic/community centers. Humana Planet Aid
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