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Dec. 1 -World AIDS Day – How TCE and Planet Aid Make a Difference, Every Day Dec. 1 is World AIDS Day. Since its inception in 1997 Planet Aid, has supported programs to combat disease and epidemics like HIV/AIDS. One such program is TCE – Total Control of the Epidemic – operated by members of the Federation Humana People to People worldwide. TCE utilizes a community-based approach to address issues related to the global HIV/AIDS Epidemic. The objective is to provide individuals with the knowledge and tools to empower themselves against HIV/AIDS. 20,000 Angolan Families Receive Clothing Receiving a box of used clothing may not seem like much, but to people surviving on little more than a dollar a day it makes a significant difference. In many rural and remote areas of Angola, what little money people earn must go to necessities like food and shelter, and if there is enough left over, maybe medical care. Staving Off Hunger in Zimbabwe From early spring through mid-summer is a time of year commonly referred to as the “hungry season” in parts of Zimbabwe. This is a period when food from the previous season’s crops is running dangerously low and new crops are not ready to yield their harvest. During this critical hunger period, Planet Aid and DAPP Zimbabwe have been delivering high-protein meals to individuals who are participating in development programs that help them rise from poverty. The meals provide an important boost to these individuals, assisting them in continuing to grow during a vulnerable period. Development That Puts Children First Planet Aid uses the proceeds it generates by selling used clothing to support smallholder farmers, strengthen education, increase HIV/AIDS prevention, and create community development. An example of one type of development model supported by Planet Aid is the Child Aid Program. Child Aid is implemented by members of Humana People to People in many countries. Planet Aid has been supporting Child Aid projects in Belize, Brazil, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ecuador, India, South Africa, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. [link=]Humana second-hand clothing[/link]
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